Open questions on open government in the USA

This coalition letter from good governance groups and individuals devoted to ethics asks the Biden administration to detail its plans for restoring government transparency and accountability, with dozens of specific questions and requests for information regarding specific commitments necessary to continue that process. The letter may be downloaded as a PDF with footnotes instead of links.

“Recommitting to the “highest standards of transparency” to revitalize the national security and foreign policy institutions of the United States is a necessary but insufficient step in rebuilding public trust in a government of, by, and for the people.

We are eager to hear more about the Biden administration’s plans for restoring transparency and accountability in the United States government and reclaiming global leadership on democracy and human rights during these first 100 days. Resetting the default to openness and good governance is critical and sets both the bar for officials and the tone from the top for the four years ahead.

We hope you will respond to our questions publicly, as soon as possible, informing both the American people and the world about how you will be approaching rebuilding public trust in our federal government, including its statements, statistics, and the scientific rigor underpinning its policies. Your vocal commitment to “truth and transparency” are welcome, but it would be useful to learn more about specific, concrete commitments in policy, programs, and personnel. “

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  1. Thank you! Strong transparency standards need to be in place for numerous reasons. One of the less obvious reasons is that their revocations are a red flag 🚩 and a clear call to observe the acting authority more closely.


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