We help the world understand how to govern better by using civic technologies and how to make technologies more civic by adopting democratic principles in design, service delivery, and information sharing.

About Us

Our mission is to embed democratic values into the digital governance policies and statutes of nation states and the private corporations that operate the public squares of the 21st century.

In service of that goal, we bring good ideas in digital democracy to light, document who’s making a difference, and help codify what’s working to achieve maximum positive public impact. We believe democracy works best when we are best informed, so we seek to educate the public, press, and lawmakers about how and where disruptive technologies strengthen societies instead of dividing them. Learn more.

  • Open questions on open government in the USA
    This coalition letter from good governance groups and individuals devoted to ethics asks the Biden administration to detail its plans for restoring government transparency and accountability, with dozens of specific questions and requests for information regarding specific commitments necessary to continue that process. The letter may be downloaded as a PDF with footnotes instead of …
  • Governing digital in 2020
    Democracy depends on informed publics to function, but around the world, authoritarianism and populism are on the rise, increasingly using new technologies to censor, repress, surveil, and disinform the public. This phenomenon is muddying the capacity of the public to be accurately informed and engage in collective action based upon shared, trustworthy facts, putting a …

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Image Credit: Sunlight Foundation

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